Social Sway Marketing

Why We Are Here

While often under-appreciated, marketing and psychology are key components to a successful business. However, it extends far beyond business. Marketing and psychology are an integral part of human interaction.  We leave impressions daily, at both an individual and organizational level. These impressions determine with whom we interact, the frequency of these interactions, and what we tell others about our interactions.  So, managing these impressions is essential.  If you tell the right story, your impressions could develop life-long relationships.

We enjoy helping people understand and manage their impressions to create a meaningful story! Our clients work with us, because we know marketing is never about a product or service, but creating a story with the capacity to align an individual's personal values and interests with your companies. You have a story worth telling and it's time others hear it too!

Shane McCarty

Shane McCarty is energized by both social media and psychological research. In past consulting roles, he has developed strategies for Arlington County's Car Free Diet Campaign, Capital Bikeshare, Twitter Beta Travel Experiment, and Virginia Tech's Residential College Initiative. As a research assistant in the Center for Applied Behavior Systems, his team developed a highly innovative and effective bullying-prevention intervention- called "Actively Caring For People," - which has been presented at three national conferences: American Psychological Association, National Association of Student Professionals Administration, and National Collegiate Leadership Conference.

Brandon Carroll

Brandon Carroll is energized by people. In his various roles, he has led and served a multitude of people, most notably, over 24,000 undergraduate students as Student Government Association President. He has delivered over a dozen speeches to over one-thousand at a time. In 2008, he and his team  were labeled as "innovative" by the Washington Post for the Twitter Travel Beta Experiment. Carroll has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor and featured in the Washington Post, Financial Advisor Magazine, Delta Sigma Phi's Carnation, Jerusalem Post, VT Magazine, and Collegiate Times.

Joey Zakutney

Joey Zakutney is energized by premium performance and creative solutions. He has worked with a variety of companies including The Hershey Company, Tyco Electronics, and Virginia Tech.  In each of these roles, he has been asked to develop new social media strategies and provide an understanding of Search Engine Optimization.  At The Hershey Company, the team he worked with was awarded "Best Performing Marketing Team" and was also selected for "Most Profitable Team" in 2007.  

The Sway  (Advisory Board Members)

-Caitlin Zwick, a senior marketing and economics major at Fordham University, has a background in opinion polling and research due to her experience with Penn, Schoen, and Berland in New York City.
-Mickey Tomar, a Marketing Tour Manager at Paid Inc., is a guerilla marketing expert with years of "street team" leadership.