Social Sway Marketing


Social Sway, LLC delivers innovative solutions to marketing problems, based on relationships and research. We will strengthen customer-business relationships by providing engaged consumers with the tools to share their positive stories with others. 


We look at every customer as an individual. The future of marketing is not segmented to a particular group or target; rather it is individual. Any conversation with a customer can have a positive or negative ripple effect within minutes. We understand the future of marketing revolves around empowering quality mavens and creating a genuine relationship, with each person as an individual. Word of mouth and social media marketing starts with opinion leaders, not you. We, with you and your opinion leaders, produce the follower effect.™ Find out how by contacting us!

Our Process

1. We start by exhibiting the difference between exposure and value.  To write a compelling story today, you need social media and psychology to enhance the relationship between you and your customer.

2. Using secondary analytics, or our research process, we examine the pulse of your organization. How do people, with direct, indirect, and no connection to your company view your brand and the associated value?

3. Our storyboards, infused with evidence-based social aspects, produce lasting relationships and results. With a clear message, each audience member, from opinion leader to follower will spread and hear the right message.


4. You now have a story worth telling, but who is your primary reader?  Your current opinion leaders want to spread your message, but you don't know who they are, and they didn't know how it can be spread.  These individuals, who follow your every move and desire constant interaction with you, need the right tools and a motivation to do more. Tell them the right story: they will share your message and the followers will come.

5. Through extensive analytics, you will see the value of investing in the right story. With the desired metrics met, you will see how the next chapters in your customer relationship should be written.